İstanbul, Türkiye

Leaving the Hong Kong humidity behind for a while, JP and I ventured O.S for Easter to visit Istanbul, Northern Italy and Moscow. “A strange combination?!” I hear you say… since we were young our travel philosophy has always seen a layover as an opportunity to explore a land that we might miss out on otherwise…Moscow … Continue reading

A Tribute To My Mates

Lately it has come to my attention just how proud I am of my friends. I was discussing a few of them with a friend here in Hong Kong, when I caught the sound of my own voice and realised what a turd I sounded like. After more thought, I realised that instead of bashing … Continue reading

What do I think of KONY 2012 ?

I’m sure you have all heard about the KONY 2012 Campaign – if not, I suggest you come out from under that rock and read a newspaper, logon to Facebook or update your tweets because it’s EVERYWHERE and rightly so. Today I received a post on my Facebook in reply to my support of the … Continue reading

Welcome Home

I found a post that I wrote after returning to HK from a month in OZ…for some cyber-smacked reason, it never ‘published’…anyway, may as well put it up – regardless of its relevancy now. Enjoy.   First day back at work today and I am truly struggling. After spending a month indulging in the warmth … Continue reading

What the…

This morning I was in the gym change room (again – I think I spend more time faffing around there that I actually do on the treadmill..ho-hum). Anyway I saw a few things that I thought worth dissecting, as I would like to hear some explanations or reasoning’s for them, if anyone can think of … Continue reading

Things I love about Hong Kong.

It occurred to me today that alot of my posts come from dark places where cynicism grows. I don’t mean it to sound that way, but it can be difficult when your living abroad. I am going to make an effort to post things that I love about this place more often. In an attempt … Continue reading

How’s your backhand?

Gotta love the Chinese and their remarkable ability to cut you down to size, with a huge smile and mouth full of butter. On arrival at work this morning I was greeted with my first (of many) back handed compliments for the day. To preface this, I must tell you that I currently have a … Continue reading

Never gets old.

J always tells this story about how when we were (much) younger and living in Portugal, and one night I began to cook spag bol. He usually breaks into a fit of laughter at this stage and struggles to tell the next part of the story, at which point I usually try to interject and … Continue reading

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

This week has been filled with Chinese New Year’s (CNY) festivities. Many-a-cab driver has wished me wealth and prosperity as I have paid my fare; “Kung Hei Fat Choi” they shout out as i slam the door. Even my doorman seems to be less cranky than his usual uber cranky-self. The whole city seemed to be … Continue reading

A confession.

I have a confession to make…I have developed a bit of an obsession. All my life I have rolled my eyes at the screaming girls that congregate outside the houses of celebrities, and judgmentally thought less of those that idolized individuals because of their achievements or the level of fame that they had accomplished. In … Continue reading