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I have just returned from a work lunch. We had dim sum at a local restaurant here in central. I have been living in Asia for a few years now and would count myself fairly “au fait” with the more important table manners required when eating with my local colleagues. However, today it came to … Continue reading

Stranger things have happened…

There is a girl wearing lens-less frames at work today. She is wearing contacts, with lens-less frames. She says that her eyes are swollen from an infection and she needs to wear glasses with no lenses to protect them. Interesting concept. I wear glasses myself and know only too well the discomfort that they cause … Continue reading

A confession.

I have a confession to make…I have developed a bit of an obsession. All my life I have rolled my eyes at the screaming girls that congregate outside the houses of celebrities, and judgmentally thought less of those that idolized individuals because of their achievements or the level of fame that they had accomplished. In … Continue reading


Today has been one full of interesting little bits and pieces. It started with a funny conversation I overheard in the gym change rooms this morning. American woman #1 – “Oh hey Lisa, I hear your heading down under for Christmas?” America woman #2 – “Oh yeah! Cant wait…we’re flying in to Sydney then travelling … Continue reading


Today is my last day on the job. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “You’ve only been back a few days” … “You haven’t worked there for that long” … “What are you going to write about!” There are several contributing factors amounting to my resignation, some of which include; enrolling in a Masters degree, … Continue reading

A laugh a minute…

Gweilos! Apologies it has taken me so long to write, but things have been really busy lately, mostly with work and preparing for the Christmas break. To recap; in the last 2 weeks the company I am employed by has ‘merged’ with a huge American based, multinational organization that is the global market leader. As … Continue reading

Oh no Bozo!

Upon arriving at work this morning, I look across from my desk to see that Bozo is wearing a Michael Jackson Face Mask. After a few seconds, I realize that I have subconsciously been holding my breath as my computer warms up. Before I pass out – I take a breath (a very small one … Continue reading

A new friend?

Last Friday was a busy day…I was given 2 minutes notice and was rushed off to a seminar at an American association here in HK. My Directors were part of a panel and they kindly thought I would benefit from listening to what they had to say. So generous. To be honest, it was a … Continue reading