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Christmas Comes Early

Its been a while since my last post, I can’t believe its almost Christmas. Since the news of my girlfriend being diagnosed with cancer, life has seemed to whizz by really quickly. I felt it was fitting that I post today, given that I spoke to her this morning and found out that her PET … Continue reading

The C Bomb

A few weeks ago one of my nearest and dearest unveiled a cancer diagnosis. The bomb exploded via a text message while I was still in bed, early one morning. With her living in New York and me in Hong Kong the time difference means that most of our communication is done via text message … Continue reading

It’s the little things that count.

I recently visited home. After enduring bronchitis for a week (something that my doctor attributes to the “colossal pollution index in Hong Kong” at the current time), I was looking forward to the prospect of filling my respiratory system with some clean fresh air.  Coming from Hong Kong, there’s just something about going home. Stepping out … Continue reading

Welcome Home

I found a post that I wrote after returning to HK from a month in OZ…for some cyber-smacked reason, it never ‘published’…anyway, may as well put it up – regardless of its relevancy now. Enjoy.   First day back at work today and I am truly struggling. After spending a month indulging in the warmth … Continue reading

How’s your backhand?

Gotta love the Chinese and their remarkable ability to cut you down to size, with a huge smile and mouth full of butter. On arrival at work this morning I was greeted with my first (of many) back handed compliments for the day. To preface this, I must tell you that I currently have a … Continue reading

Oopsie daisy!

My recent Bed Bath ‘n Table experience left me a little red faced. Thank goodness for the good humour of the delightful (and very VERY camp) salesman, it could have been a lot uglier. Me: Excuse me, can i get your opinion on this quilt cover? Camp Salesman: Sure sweetheart, how can i help you? … Continue reading

In the beginning…

Morning Gweilo’s! (gweilo is the chinese name for a white person/white ghost etc…in other!) As my brief bio explains – I have recently (well almost 6 months ago now) moved to Hong Kong from Sydney Australia. The first few months involved a plethora of domestic duties, nesting, hunting and gathering (aka decorating, space-bagging, cleaning, … Continue reading