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I have just returned from a work lunch. We had dim sum at a local restaurant here in central. I have been living in Asia for a few years now and would count myself fairly “au fait” with the more important table manners required when eating with my local colleagues. However, today it came to … Continue reading

Stranger things have happened…

There is a girl wearing lens-less frames at work today. She is wearing contacts, with lens-less frames. She says that her eyes are swollen from an infection and she needs to wear glasses with no lenses to protect them. Interesting concept. I wear glasses myself and know only too well the discomfort that they cause … Continue reading

What the…

This morning I was in the gym change room (again – I think I spend more time faffing around there that I actually do on the treadmill..ho-hum). Anyway I saw a few things that I thought worth dissecting, as I would like to hear some explanations or reasoning’s for them, if anyone can think of … Continue reading

Things I love about Hong Kong.

It occurred to me today that alot of my posts come from dark places where cynicism grows. I don’t mean it to sound that way, but it can be difficult when your living abroad. I am going to make an effort to post things that I love about this place more often. In an attempt … Continue reading

Never gets old.

J always tells this story about how when we were (much) younger and living in Portugal, and one night I began to cook spag bol. He usually breaks into a fit of laughter at this stage and struggles to tell the next part of the story, at which point I usually try to interject and … Continue reading

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

This week has been filled with Chinese New Year’s (CNY) festivities. Many-a-cab driver has wished me wealth and prosperity as I have paid my fare; “Kung Hei Fat Choi” they shout out as i slam the door. Even my doorman seems to be less cranky than his usual uber cranky-self. The whole city seemed to be … Continue reading

Knickers in a twist…

So this morning I was getting dressed in the change room at the gym, when a woman slinks in beside me to use the same mirror. We are both standing there, moisturising, drying our hair, putting our face on when she suddenly lifts her arm up to pull her hair back. My jaw dropped open … Continue reading


Today has been one full of interesting little bits and pieces. It started with a funny conversation I overheard in the gym change rooms this morning. American woman #1 – “Oh hey Lisa, I hear your heading down under for Christmas?” America woman #2 – “Oh yeah! Cant wait…we’re flying in to Sydney then travelling … Continue reading

Number two’s…

As I got off the train this morning for another day at school in Chai Wan, I heard this squeaky little voice “Hello, Miss E, my name is…” I swung around to see who the hell was talking to me. It’s a tiny little human in the same uniform as the Kindy that I work … Continue reading