Nice to meet you.

I am a twenty-something Sydney-sider that relocated to Hong Kong in early 2010 with my partner, JP.

I am a writer and editor, eldest daughter, big sister, friend, girlfriend, baking enthusiast and recent dim sum connoisseur. An essential part of my day? Getting lost in a good book before bed time, whilst simultaneously elbowing JP in the back for snoring like a freight train; “ROLL OVER!”

Not really into sports, I am subjected to countless hours of rugby and have developed a bit of an opinion about it…much to the amusement of my partner. GO REDS!

I was born in the 80’s and by the looks of things, I’m glad I was too young to remember it…Dad, what were you thinking? Mullets are NEVER ok!

These are my ramblings, usually with a particular focus on the speed bumps encountered along the way to ‘culturally acclimatising’ in Hong Kong. Welcome aboard…


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