Deal Breakers

In every relationship each person has their own set of ‘deal breakers’, the little quirks and peculiarities that some might find endearing and others find insufferable! For example, when I was younger, things like thumb rings and leather man jewelry would send me running for the hills!

These days things are a bit different, and I have developed more friendship deal breakers. Moving overseas forced me to discover a whole new set of behaviours that ticked me off.

Back home, I have my circle of friends and they are a group of wonderfully diverse females, most I have known since school. They are relationships that come easily and ones that I treasure dearly.

However, when I arrived in Hong Kong I was required to go through my friend selection process all over again and I struggled (just a wee bit). As an adult, it’s a different kettle of fish; I’m more rigid and reluctant to agree to things just because I want to please and appease. I have less time and less desire to go out excessively, reducing the time I have to get to know people. I had to go back to basics and try and work out what I wanted from my potential new posse.

There were so many avenues for me to meet people; however the hard part was choosing exactly who I wanted to spend more time with. During this process I came across certain characters that I wasn’t able to tolerate…

The Needy Girl:  Like men that have aversions to needy women, I too require girlfriends that have their own lives. Complaining that I spend too much time with my partner puts you on the highway to “See-you-bye-bye”.

The Kleptomaniac: After a few drinks, I shouldn’t have to be concerned about you stealing something from the bar and getting us both into trouble. Please leave your desire to five-finger discount strange items, at home.

The Whinger: I understand you’re having a really bad day, you’re missing home, the humidity is ruining your hair, you don’t think you are being paid what you are worth, you’re hung-over, the electricity company is trying to rob you, you ate a whole block of chocolate and now you feel guilty and depressed…seriously? SHUT UP!

The Stalker: Please don’t ask me where I bought every item of clothing I have on. And please, try to refrain from buying duplicates. It’s freaky and a little annoying when we both turn up at the same event looking like Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.

The Moocher:  If you are involved in a round at the pub, don’t skip out on it when it rolls around to your shout, you sneaky little bugger. And while we are on the subject, don’t turn up to dinner and claim that you have already eaten, whilst proceeding to pick food off my plate. It’s like nails down a black board.

The Weirdo: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind when the friendship gets to a stage where we are happy to borrow and lend each other things, however my underwear draw is strictly off limits. I’m sorry but you are old enough to buy your own knickers.

For all the ‘individuals’ I have met, I have been lucky enough to have meet some serious winners as well! Relocating has its challenges, but when you open up and embrace the big move, you can meet some great people, see some fantastic sites and have a blast. I have met some girlies that I will call my friends for years to come…but I will never, let them borrow my knickers.


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