A Tribute To My Mates

Lately it has come to my attention just how proud I am of my friends. I was discussing a few of them with a friend here in Hong Kong, when I caught the sound of my own voice and realised what a turd I sounded like.

After more thought, I realised that instead of bashing others with the stupefaction I have for my chums, it was probably a better idea to blog about them instead.

Every week I find out that they have accomplished something new and wonderful or are embarking on a journey that is challenging and different. I wonder if everyone is as proud of their mates as I am?

In my closer web of friends alone, there have been a few recent develops that make me feel like gloating to passersby in the street… anyone that will listen to me!!

So here’s a little bit about my friends, a snap shot of those that have most recently caught my attention and made me stop and think ‘You’re amazing’.

In no particular order…friend .A. had established herself securely in the world of Journalism, achieving an Editors role by the age of 25, when she decided to throw her hat in the ring and apply for Medicine.

In true .A. style, she was accepted and began her studies earlier this year. Not only this, but she moved to the other side of the country to do so. Imagine that? studying for years at University, working your way around one particular industry (and excelling at it, mind you) only to decide that you want to go down a completely different route, achieve that and do it in a new city! The girls got balls.

Just to add to her resume, .A. is a sensational athlete – not long ago we met for dinner. She turned up with her lip spilt in two. After some interrogation, she tells me that its ‘nothing’, just something that happened in her AFL game on the weekend. RIGHTIO – AFL…because thats a normal sport for a petite little doll faced female to play.

 She also has a fantastic (if not slightly sadistic) sense of humour and penchant for boxing…hold on to your boyfriend’s ladies because if they meet this individual you might lose them. Attractive and intelligent, sporty and funny, driven, easy-going, adventurous, independent….have I ticked enough boxes yet? Needless to say – I’m super honored to call this little gem my mate!

Another jewel in my treasure box is .B. – this girl went from a shy, self-conscious school girl, christened ‘Moonie’ at school due to her slightly bigger than normal head, and blossomed into one of the most beautiful women you’ll ever come across.

Establishing a name for herself in the fashion and modeling industries globally and putting Aussie girls on the map, .B. has achieved oodles in only a few years, making the Vogue Italia website, international catalogues galore, ambassador roles for big name brands, editorial spreads and fashion layouts for every magazine you could think of.

Recently she was signed with top agencies in London, Germany and New York – and even more recently, she has made me proud as punch by packing up her knick knacks and heading for the Big Apple. For a girl who is so tightly connected to her family, this is a bigger deal than for most. Making your way to a foreign land to live and work is harder than one can imagine and to make the leap alone is remarkable.

Achieving all of this on her own, acknowledging her dreams and chasing them, without help from anyone makes my jaw drop and following her progress is something that makes me a happy girl!

Friend .C. is someone who was a more obvious achiever, from the moment she knew what she wanted to do; she worked her very small buttocks off, towards achieving the grades and the university degree needed to become a Chiropractor. So determined to excel in fact, that for a brief time she even forgot to eat, taking her already small behind and making it invisible. Ha.

Finding the man of her dreams in her university tutor and starting a life for themselves as quickly as humanly possible, he asked for her hand in marriage and the rest is history.

As soon as anyone with a niggle found out about her skills, she developed a solid client list and now runs a successful practice (almost) on her own!

Later this year, I will sadly wave her goodbye as she travels to Norway to live with her husband and start a family. However miserable this day will be for me, it is yet another chest-out-proud-as-a-peacock moment, as I am well aware of just how difficult moving away from friends and family can be, particularly when the move is indefinite.

The last (but certainly not least) of my little selection of ‘buddies that make me proud’ is my friend .D. – .D. has always had a little fire in her belly and it was no surprise to me that she would be successful in whatever she put her mind to – this was most evident at a party in highschool, when she pointed to the best looking guy on the dance floor and proclaimed; “I’m going to make out with him!”….and did.

Entering the workforce very early (while the rest of us were still sleeping through lectures, hung-over from the uni party the night before), .D. cut her path in the advertising and sales industry in a heartbeat. Taking out a student loan to pay for her tertiary education and a car so that she could work, she slogged her guts out climbing the ladder towards what she wanted to accomplish.

Just recently, I found out that she has been nominated for a big industry award and it’s not uncommon for her excel above her team mates and show the big guns who is actually boss.

.D. makes me smile, even though she doesn’t see it all the time, her ‘life is too short’ attitude and ability to turn any stressful situation into a moment of belly aching laughter, is why we are close. If life hands her lemons, she doesn’t just make lemonade, she sells the lemons for a profit and treats herself to a blow-dry at Velonz.

There are so many more faces, lives and proud moments that I could put to paper, but somehow I feel that not many will appreciate reading all about how wonderful MY mates are. I wrote this more for them…because sometimes, I know it’s important to be reminded of just how wonderful you are and that no matter how rocky and rough your path may get sometimes…its nice to know that there is at least one person that appreciates your journey and what you are achieving.

It doesn’t go unnoticed ladies, so march on knowing that I think you’re FABULOUS!


3 thoughts on “A Tribute To My Mates

  1. I just read this in my silent study room whilst I was supposed to be learning the ins and outs of immunology…it made me cry, laugh and just simply smile. You know how to make me feel great! You too are doing wonderful things both in work and outside…this fabulous blog being one of them. I feel immensely proud of you and I admire your brave tenacity making it in HK! Your friendship means the world to me an your support has enabled me.

    The road was full of challenges for us all and I think, as you have said, we’ve pretty much all come out with our hands held high, donned victorious like Ali in the ring! …had to throw in a bit of boxing just for good measure. You love it!

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