What the…

This morning I was in the gym change room (again – I think I spend more time faffing around there that I actually do on the treadmill..ho-hum). Anyway I saw a few things that I thought worth dissecting, as I would like to hear some explanations or reasoning’s for them, if anyone can think of any?

  1. Wandering around the change room, busily foraging through her bag of tricks in a pair of knickers was a lady wearing non other than a florescent Perspex visor. Not your regular sized one either, I’m talking a big huge, fashion-esque statement type visor – one you might see someone at rave festival wearing. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain that we were INDOORS and she was wearing nothing but her knickers?!  Anyhow…if anyone can offer up any sort logical explanation s to why one might need to wear their big grundies and a rave visor – im interested to know.
  2. Before the change room – I did actually workout, a Pump class with about 4 other women (it’s early, its cold, it was raining – leave the slackers alone). So it was almost impossible not to notice the faces, eyes still filled with gunk (compliments of the sleep fairy, so im told) that filled the room. Walking back to the change rooms after class, I noticed a bird from my class have a shower, dry off and change in to a different (equally as stylish) set of gym gear. She puts on another pair of joggers, chucking the recently used ones in the bin, combs her hair, then trots off. When I am going to leave, I walk past the treadmill area and there she is – jogging away. WHAT THE?! My thoughts? OCD? Maybe with all the lifting she wet herself (or worse still….no, I won’t say it) and needed to change? Maybe she spotted someone that she fancies and thought that her current outfit was not fancy enough?



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