Posted in March 2012

A Tribute To My Mates

Lately it has come to my attention just how proud I am of my friends. I was discussing a few of them with a friend here in Hong Kong, when I caught the sound of my own voice and realised what a turd I sounded like. After more thought, I realised that instead of bashing … Continue reading

What do I think of KONY 2012 ?

I’m sure you have all heard about the KONY 2012 Campaign – if not, I suggest you come out from under that rock and read a newspaper, logon to Facebook or update your tweets because it’s EVERYWHERE and rightly so. Today I received a post on my Facebook in reply to my support of the … Continue reading

Welcome Home

I found a post that I wrote after returning to HK from a month in OZ…for some cyber-smacked reason, it never ‘published’…anyway, may as well put it up – regardless of its relevancy now. Enjoy.   First day back at work today and I am truly struggling. After spending a month indulging in the warmth … Continue reading

What the…

This morning I was in the gym change room (again – I think I spend more time faffing around there that I actually do on the treadmill..ho-hum). Anyway I saw a few things that I thought worth dissecting, as I would like to hear some explanations or reasoning’s for them, if anyone can think of … Continue reading