A confession.

I have a confession to make…I have developed a bit of an obsession.

All my life I have rolled my eyes at the screaming girls that congregate outside the houses of celebrities, and judgmentally thought less of those that idolized individuals because of their achievements or the level of fame that they had accomplished.

In the past I have removed myself from any situation where my peers were falling over themselves to get a signature, hug or photo from a ‘star’ that they bumped into on the street and would cringe, if by some unfortunate circumstance, I was somehow involved in anything of the sort.

I will however preface/disclaim this rant with 2 separate occasions whereby I have had a photograph taken with; John Howard and Matt Burke. John Howard caught me off guard at a Sydney nightclub one evening where my partner threw me into the whirlpool of bodies surrounding poor ol’ Johnny and quickly snapped us together. Oddly enough the same thing happened with Burkey, although this time at a rugby game in Hong Kong…common denominator? Anyway, as I was saying…

Lately I have changed my tune a little and developed what one might call an empathetic understanding of the above-mentioned idol-crazy-folk.

During the Christmas holidays I read Mia Freedman’s latest novel; ‘Mama Mia: a Memoir of Mistakes, Magazines and Motherhood.’ I have subscribed to her blog and brand for a while now and have always kept a slack track of her career but since reading this book I am obsessed.

In my spare time, I find myself on YouTube trying to watch whatever I can that involves her in any way. I Google her, I read her Blog, her columns, articles about her, I want to know about her children, what she is wearing today and why, what are her favourite products *gasp*… but mostly, I want to know about her career. In this sense, you could call me a crazy fan.

Mia Freedman was the Editor at Cosmopolitan by the age of 24. She has worked in the magazine industry for 15 years and has been an advocate for positive body image and for the realistic portrayal of women in the media since the beginning. She has stepped on just about every career cobblestone that I wish to pave my path with and I am insanely jealous.

A journalist, a columnist, a novelist together with the skills to back it all up as an editor and run a business. KILL ME NOW. Icing on the career cake? She now has her own business (mamamia.com.au) with her husband from home, has three children and has just been snaked by News Limited, gaining access to more than 5 million Australians (not to mention her online quota) every Sunday.

It is official, Mia Freedman is my God(dess).

It sounds sick, but I just can’t get enough of her. I want to pound her with a million questions and sit there while she answers each one of them in great detail…I want to know how she did it (besides all that perseverance and ambition), I want the inside scoop on how she managed to tick all my career goals and still manage to have a life and a family.

I found so many similarities between Mia and myself that I started to replace her name with mine as I read along (just for fun, I swear). My days are spent saturating my brain with all that the media and internet have to offer, I love it! I love my friends opinions on Facebook, news broadcasts, following assorted personalities on Twitter, reading trashy magazines and quality articles by respected journalists. I love the glossy pages of a magazine (ANY MAGAZINE) and indulge myself whenever I can. I find it hard to breathe if I haven’t had my fix of daily events and sitting on the couch without my MacBook, is an arduous task.

 Mia’s book was so fantastic for me that I fell into a pit of melancholia when I was finished (oh so dramatic). I read the last few pages like I was taking my final breath. I knew the end was drawing near and it was painful, yet I couldn’t stop.

It is not only Mia’s career path that I admire, it’s her ‘no bullshit’ policy and her ‘call a spade a spade’ attitude. The fact that she changes her mind and doesn’t apologise for it, is so refreshing. She is so human and the fact that she has achieved so much being ‘human’ is engaging, charming, likable and attractive. It makes me love her and that’s not a personality trait I have… being able to love just anyone … that easy.

She doesn’t pretend to be something that she is not, she appears to be at peace with the fact that she is often actually not at peace at all, and that is oh so comforting for someone like me. I love the fact that she doesn’t claim to know everything and have all the answers because that is reality and that is truth. None of us have the remedy for everything and Mia’s approach to ‘having a go’ anyway, strikes a LOUD chord with me.

In short…I loved Mia’s book and plan on reading her earlier one too; “Confessions from the water cooler of life.” I doubt it will have the same effect on me as the first one, but I won’t be satisfied until I have consumed everything she has to offer. Perhaps saturation will help cure my obsession, if not; I don’t think her career is such a bad fascination to have!



One thought on “A confession.

  1. I have so much to write in response to this post. I need to draft it out. For now I’ll just say that Matty B once carried my mum’s groceries back to our car at Chatty and I too felt the power of the man. Wow. What a dude. What quads. So much speed. Such good glutes. Can strike a ball with supreme accuracy. Love.

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