Oopsie daisy!

My recent Bed Bath ‘n Table experience left me a little red faced. Thank goodness for the good humour of the delightful (and very VERY camp) salesman, it could have been a lot uglier.

Me: Excuse me, can i get your opinion on this quilt cover?
Camp Salesman: Sure sweetheart, how can i help you?
Me: If you were a man (OH DEAR LORD, YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT), would you find this too girly?
*OH SHITE* Begin backtrack…
Me: ah, sorry, i mean…umm (insert nervous laugh)
Gay Salesman: *laughs* Oh sweetheart, if i were a man and you were in my bed, it wouldn’t matter if the quilt cover had barbie dolls on it… *laughs loudly again.

I’m fairly sure that he thought i shared the same IQ as Barbie, however, i managed to get away without (accidentally) offending the lovely fella, and score a compliment. Winning.


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