According to my teenage sister.

As the years roll on it’s so interesting to watch my younger sisters grow and change, but lately there is one sister in particular that is getting most of my attention.

Living overseas can sometimes make it difficult to keep up with everything the girls are doing at home. But with thanks to Facebook I am managing. In fact, I would say Facebook has given me a far greater insight into what they are like, particularly with their friends…

Every now and then I come across something that I don’t understand and it could be because of the secret language that the under 21’s (perhaps I’m not generous here, my other sister is 22 and talks just like my 14 year old sister – go figure). Anyway, I am not that much older and yet sometimes I feel completely out of touch. It wasn’t that long ago that I was the one mind-boggling my parents with language and lingo that they didn’t understand…wasn’t it?

It got me thinking, is the ‘out of touch’ feeling between age groups getting shorter and shorter? Kids are growing up SO quickly these days it’s scary and could be the reason for the narrowing field of disconnect.

The number of articles I read about the sexual activities of 13 year olds or 14 year olds, updating friends online about their excruciating hangovers.  They are getting younger and younger…

Thank the heavens above,  my sisters aren’t anywhere near this level of debauchery, they are still fairly innocent and sweet (excluding the 22 year old – she’s had her fair share of hangovers – that much I know)…it’s the different dialect that’s got me stumped.

I’ve never been too keen on studying but I feel the need to try and brush up on my under-ager patois before I visit for Christmas. A few things, I have learnt from Facebook, according to my teenage sister:

  • You are ‘totes’ cool if your conversation includes words like; hectosh, amaze, ily (i love you), ‘illin, ridic or whatevs. If you can manage an entire sentence from these ‘part’ words, you’re ‘fluent’ in cool.
  • Vans are in, Converse are out.
  •  is where you stock up on cute tanks, great short-shorts for just ‘illin and ridic kini’s for tanning.
  • It is OK to add people on Facebook that you have never met, as long as you have ‘mutuals’ (mutual friends).
  • If someone calls you a ‘sprouter’, it is a compliment.
  • That guy off the last Masterchef is a total ‘bebesicle’.
  • Justin Bieber is and always will be amazeballs.
  • Being ‘random’ is something to aspire to.

I wonder, was I this fantastically contradictory as a teen? I know that if you were ‘sick’ you were actually really great and instead of updating your status on your iPhone, you made paper fortune tellers and found out how many children you were going to have and what car you will drive.

I remember that if you said something at school and then heard crickets and saw the tumble weed floating by, saying ‘NOT’ after your attempt at social suicide would somehow mean redemption.

I also remember knowing all the words to the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ not ‘ANTM’.

I remember when ‘Slip ‘n Slides’ were still legal and you were spoilt if you had a Gameboy. In year 7 we passed notes, not Vibers or HeyTells, and if you were upset with a friend you wrote them a letter, not a blog.

I remember when your friends went overseas it was a big deal because international phone calls were expensive and Skype didn’t exist.

And who could forget the want, nay, need to acquire tensile jeans and jelly high-heels, ‘Mr Happy’ paraphernalia and pedal pushers?! ‘Target’ was where dreams came true.

Is it just me or was life a lot simpler when I was a teen?

These days, I have to keep a notepad on me with all my passwords and usernames written on it – I think it’s my subconscious way of resisting the rule of technology…hardly. This is so I don’t forget to login, update, upload, download, post, send and receive, LOL and ‘like’, seed, twitter, blog, microblog, add friend, defriend, comment, share and search. (inhale)

(Warning: incoming cliché) I think technology has become a bit of a metaphor for life…No matter how much you think you know, no matter how familiar you think you are with something – don’t get complacent. The minute you think you’ve got it sorted, Mr Zuckerberg goes and shuffles everything around.

On that note, I’d like to say a big KUDOS to my kid sister, without you I might be living in a blissfully ignorant world of regular English vocab and being offended if someone calls me ‘random’.


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