Today has been one full of interesting little bits and pieces.

It started with a funny conversation I overheard in the gym change rooms this morning.

American woman #1 – “Oh hey Lisa, I hear your heading down under for Christmas?”

America woman #2 – “Oh yeah! Cant wait…we’re flying in to Sydney then travelling down the coast to Brisbane. I think we’re spendin a few days there before we drive over to Perth for the afternoon. Not 100% on that yet though.”

I realize that my geography skills are not 100% perfection, but one would imagine that if you are going to visit a country within weeks, that you have checked out a map?! I think she might get a rude shock to find out that Perth is not an afternoon excursion from Melbourne and that Brisbane is actually North not South.

Close to where I work there is a great little restaurant that has just opened, Posto Publico on Elgin St. They do delicious pizzas and great Italian bits and pieces. I snatched up one of their recipes the other day for ‘Pumpkin Pie’. I’ve always been curious about this dish; is it dinner or dessert? I have figured that if it contains a vege, it doesn’t conform to the rules of dessert. Mind you, I did try a tasty dessert recently at my favourite Thai restaurant in Pacific Place, Thai Basil; pumpkin custard with pandan leaf ice cream. An interesting combination, sweet but offers a similar conundrum…its main ingredient is a vege..

Intrigued by the use  of a dinner item for dessert, I continued to gather the ingredients in my lunch hour at work on the Friday (thanking you Park’n Shop online groceries), ready for delivery on the Saturday.

Being the first pastry crust that I had ever attempted, and being a wholemeal pastry crust, this was no mean feat. Eventually I managed to get the dough into the pie dish without it breaking and a few hours later I was chowing down on some fresh homemade Pumpkin Pie. Delicious. Even J, who adamantly declared his HATRED of fragrant treat, asked for a second slice.

As there are only two of us at home and our nearest friend is gluten-impossible, there is not a great demand for such a large supply of Pumpkin Pie at our house, so I decided to try and make some friends at work.

I placed the container of gingery slivers in the work fridge with a Post-It note; “Pumpkin Pie. Please help yourself! (smiley face)” and forgot about it. Later that day, I was sitting at my desk and I noticed a familiar smell surrounding me. I looked up to see almost everyone in the office munching away on the tasty delights, as they noticed me watching, I got a mouth full of thumbs up.

Yes, I am aware it would be unlikely that my colleagues tell me otherwise, but im going to accept that as a win.

At the other end of the Island, J was munching away on the fruits of his negotiation skills. Due to his fortitude in believing that he would not like my pie, I offered to make him some Banana Bread as a backup plan. Moments after I got the thumbs up from the office, I got a virtual thumbs up via email; “Mmmmm banana bread nom nom nom.”


In other news; one of J mates from school called us this morning to say that he is hopping on a plane tonight from Oz, to visit us for a few days.

It is J first male visitor (other than his dad and brother) so he is quite excited. B.B arrives late tonight and already we have a few things on the agenda for him, so it should be an fun few days.

My uncle M.J also happens to be in town for a few days in a  whirlwind business trip. Lunch is on the cards!

So folks, we are officially on the 4 week stretch to our Christmas trip home and both of us are so excited that we have had have put a treaty in place; there is to be no more discussion of it at home because we both get so wound up. That kind of excitement is exhausting and completely unsustainable for a whole 4 weeks. I’m calling it ‘self-preservation’.


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