The Queen is a turd.

Friday afternoon I was rushing to my last meeting of the day, to my luck, it happened to be at the same time as taxi change over!
There I was, standing in the middle of the main road in Central Hong Kong trying to hail a cab, with the clock ticking closer and closer to the time I was meant to arrive at my clients office.
30 minutes goes by and I am still running around the middle of the road like a maniac…”BOOFHEAD” (No.13’s idea of a pet name for me)..I turn around to see him in a cab waiting at the lights..”You Beauty!” I think to myself.
I quickly explain my situation to him, while still standing in the middle of the road, and for some strange reason I assume I that he is going to help me out and drop me off on his way home. It is important to note at this stage that he was on his way home from work to have a nap before dinner AND NOT RUNNING LATE FOR A MEETING.
The light changes back to green and he giggles like an evil kid that has locked their mother out of the car and is playing with the horn.
The cab takes off and the last vision I have of him resembles that of Queen Elizabeth waving from her horse drawn carriage at the palace…”YOU LITTLE *&%$%^#!!!”


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