Festively festive.

With Christmas fast approaching everyone in Hong Kong seems to be securing their diary dates for the party season. Those that won’t be going home for the festive season are busy making plans to band together and create pseudo familial gatherings or escape somewhere new.

This year No.13 and I will be having a white Christmas on the slopes in Japan, with another couple from Sydney meeting us there!

The last time we went skiing was in New Zealand last year, it was without a doubt, one of the best holidays we have ever had. No.13 tried his hand at snowboarding, while I stuck to the ski’s. Sharing our stories at the bottom of the slopes over a glass of warmed mulled wine, (mmm afternoon après in the cozy wood fire bar, perfectly positioned next to the gondola). My aptitude for black runs died in the arse when I was conned into trying one our second day (a story for another time) hence why we shared our tales at the end…I stuck to the greens and blues while No.13 beat his chest with the other Alpha Males down the black run.

After reading many blogs and forums on skiing versus snowboarding, I have come to realize that I will be left out of all the fun (something that gives me anxiety attacks) if I don’t conform. The other couple we are travelling with BOTH snowboard and consequently this time around I have been considering locking my trotters into a board and taking to Happo One with all guns blazing.

Never one to dive into something without first researching as much as possible, in secret, I have been watching YouTube clips on snowboarding techniques from how to stand, fall and get up (which appears to be the hardest part). I figure, don’t fall and you won’t have to get back up? Simple enough. Needless to say, I have spent the last week getting my medical insurance in order.

The last few weeks, while No.13 has been lounging in front of the telly, I have been in the study next door, standing in front of the computer with the clips playing while I mimic them. I tell you what, dating someone for over 5 years does NOT mean that you no longer get embarrassed at times. If he walked in at that stage, I definitely would have died.

Nevertheless, I have been preparing myself as much as possible but in true ‘me’ style, I am going to leave it to the last minute to formally make the decision (i.e. when we are in the hire shop and the fitter asks me for my height).

As we will be returning to Hong Kong on Christmas eve from Tokyo, No.13 and I have decided to make the most of being at the airport and having bags packed full of ski gear. We will be getting a connecting flight to Beijing for Christmas! Weather predictions for that time of year in China are minus 20C, so it will interesting to say the least. Lucky that our diet for the last 6 months in Hong Kong have prepared me (more like ‘us’) for the winter months! That extra layer is FINALLY going to come in handy!

If anyone has any tips on Beijing or even Tokyo city, I’m all ears and would love to hear your thoughts on the best things to do and see while we are there for our white Christmas!

Back to Hong Kong for New Years!


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