Posted in November 2010

Oh no Bozo!

Upon arriving at work this morning, I look across from my desk to see that Bozo is wearing a Michael Jackson Face Mask. After a few seconds, I realize that I have subconsciously been holding my breath as my computer warms up. Before I pass out – I take a breath (a very small one … Continue reading

The Queen is a turd.

Friday afternoon I was rushing to my last meeting of the day, to my luck, it happened to be at the same time as taxi change over! There I was, standing in the middle of the main road in Central Hong Kong trying to hail a cab, with the clock ticking closer and closer to … Continue reading

Festively festive.

With Christmas fast approaching everyone in Hong Kong seems to be securing their diary dates for the party season. Those that won’t be going home for the festive season are busy making plans to band together and create pseudo familial gatherings or escape somewhere new. This year No.13 and I will be having a white … Continue reading

Hired help.

This morning (I am told by a fellow expat friend) marked a big step in our lives as expatriates! Our first maid arrived for her orientation! I don’t think I have been called “madam” so many times in the space of 30 minutes in my life…I put the brakes on that immediately and assured her … Continue reading

A mixed bag.

It has been another long day and a mixed bag at that. Working in another country is always going to be an exciting and challenging experience. It is inevitable that you are going to have as many highs as you do lows and taking on a strong sense of humor becomes mandatory. Cultural differences and … Continue reading

A new friend?

Last Friday was a busy day…I was given 2 minutes notice and was rushed off to a seminar at an American association here in HK. My Directors were part of a panel and they kindly thought I would benefit from listening to what they had to say. So generous. To be honest, it was a … Continue reading

“Stop! Thief!”

Briefly, my new role here in Hong Kong requires me to get in touch with Western business owners and ‘do business’ so to speak. — Apologies…I am trying to being as nondescript as possible in the event someone stumbles across this and works out who I work for. — A component of my salary is … Continue reading

In the beginning…

Morning Gweilo’s! (gweilo is the chinese name for a white person/white ghost etc…in other!) As my brief bio explains – I have recently (well almost 6 months ago now) moved to Hong Kong from Sydney Australia. The first few months involved a plethora of domestic duties, nesting, hunting and gathering (aka decorating, space-bagging, cleaning, … Continue reading