I have just returned from a work lunch. We had dim sum at a local restaurant here in central. I have been living in Asia for a few years now and would count myself fairly “au fait” with the more important table manners required when eating with my local colleagues. However, today it came to … Continue reading

Christmas Comes Early

Its been a while since my last post, I can’t believe its almost Christmas. Since the news of my girlfriend being diagnosed with cancer, life has seemed to whizz by really quickly. I felt it was fitting that I post today, given that I spoke to her this morning and found out that her PET … Continue reading

The C Bomb

A few weeks ago one of my nearest and dearest unveiled a cancer diagnosis. The bomb exploded via a text message while I was still in bed, early one morning. With her living in New York and me in Hong Kong the time difference means that most of our communication is done via text message … Continue reading

It’s the little things that count.

I recently visited home. After enduring bronchitis for a week (something that my doctor attributes to the “colossal pollution index in Hong Kong” at the current time), I was looking forward to the prospect of filling my respiratory system with some clean fresh air.  Coming from Hong Kong, there’s just something about going home. Stepping out … Continue reading

Stranger things have happened…

There is a girl wearing lens-less frames at work today. She is wearing contacts, with lens-less frames. She says that her eyes are swollen from an infection and she needs to wear glasses with no lenses to protect them. Interesting concept. I wear glasses myself and know only too well the discomfort that they cause … Continue reading

Your chat stinks.

Talking crap is highly beneficial. Fact. JP and his mates always provide such interesting insights into the male psyche. The inability of men to concentrate on more than one thing at once usually allows me to be the fly on the wall, as they don’t even notice I am in the same room once their chins … Continue reading

Deal Breakers

In every relationship each person has their own set of ‘deal breakers’, the little quirks and peculiarities that some might find endearing and others find insufferable! For example, when I was younger, things like thumb rings and leather man jewelry would send me running for the hills! These days things are a bit different, and … Continue reading

Who’s funnier? Him or me?

I think I can be funny when I try and according to JP, even funnier when I don’t. I think I have a great sense of humour, some might say a little obtuse, but I would just attribute that to spending a lot of time with JP and a lot of time having to find … Continue reading

Home to the worlds worst haircuts.

The final leg of our trip was a visit to Moscow. Living in Hong Kong, we had always felt a desire to visit the Russian city for several reasons, primarily because of how much closer we are to it than if we were back in Australia. Ticking it off the bucket list and capitalizing on … Continue reading

Ciao ciao

Part Two: Northern Italy (Venice – Bologna – Chianti Tuscany – Pisa – Cinque Terre – Venice) “Buongiorno” I’m just going to tell you right now, Italian is my favourite cuisine. For months I had been getting my mouth in the right shape for Italy. This trip for me, was going to be just as much … Continue reading